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Vote Health First is a collaboration between Save Your Skin Foundation (SYSF), Myeloma Canada, Canadian Psoriasis Network and CONECTed for patient engagement in the upcoming federal election.

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Why Now?

Canadians are generally proud of our universal health care system, but it is clear more needs to be done.


Canadians continue to struggle to access the healthcare that they need.


Shockingly, some people are forced to sell everything to get proper cancer care in Canada.


It's time for change.

Please feel free to add a few sentences about your personal experience.  Include who you are (e.g., a cancer survivor; a person living with psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis or another chronic health condition; a family member of a patient).  Share a sentence about your personal experience(e.g., how long have you lived with your condition and is it treatable? Curable?) Add a sentence about why a strong health care system is important to you (e.g., you have trouble affording your treatment; the treatment you need is not covered by your public or private insurance; you are concerned about managing your condition, or your family member’s condition, as you or they get older).



Our Mission

Vote Health First is an awareness campaign created to help Canadians have their voices heard regarding important health care issues surrounding the 2019 federal elections and beyond.

Survey Results


of Canadians rate spending more tax dollars on senior care a high or medium priority


of Canadians rate spending more tax dollars to fight cancer a high or medium priority


of Canadians rate spending more tax dollars on better access to prescription medicines a high or medium priority